I Foro Mar de Alborán 13-16 septiembre Fuengirola

Palacio de la Paz
Calle Recinto Ferial, Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain

A Meeting of sea, science and culture

The past, present and future of our sea from all 4 corners. A place for leisure and knowledge

These conferences were organised for many reasons including the growing concern about the sustainability of our seas, its deterioration, exploited resources and illegal fishing, marine ecosystems and the environment, discarded fish and fish of no commercial value being thrown back and the “deforestation” of Posidonia oceanica. The central theme of the event is the Alboran Sea, an outstanding area of Mediterranean biodiversity, including the importance of food safety and a cuisine which has its origin in products from the sea; energy saving and a reduction in pollution; taking care of the natural environment and its resources, and an attitude towards responsible consumption, among other things, that results in the quality of the water and air, of the food to eat and of the health of its habitants.

The event will take place over four days and will bring together experts, professionals and scientists who are renowned internationally not just in Spain. There will also be leisure activities with music, food trucks and children’s workshops.

The equipment used will be – according to the ideology of the event – sustainable, reusable, ecological, recycled, recyclable