The 1st Meeting of Alboran Universities

13th September

This is taking place with the aim of facilitating a meeting between professors and research groups from different universities that look out over the Alboran Sea, both from the north and south of the basin, that work on research, teaching and scientific advice on topics relating to the protection and management of the marine environment.

The Meeting of Alboran Universities will be a multidisciplinary university conference, open to professors and research groups. Universities from Algeria, Spain and Morocco will attend, and this initiative is headed up by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation which has its headquarters in Málaga.

The aim is to create new opportunities of sub regional collaboration and identify research, teaching, advice and collaborative model priorities with other non-university organisations that work in this environment and allow possible joint partnerships to be identified.

It will offer a space where professors and university experts from different nationalities, training backgrounds and cultures can take part in discussions about the current situation and the future of human actions and their relationship with the management and conservation that is taking place in the Alboran Sea and its environment.

The cooperation that will come as a result of the meeting will allow for the development of a broad and common vision for applying solutions to the problems of the Alboran Sea’s marine environment.



To incorporate the knowledge that the universities generate into the management of the Alboran area (including International Organisations) and facilitating transference of this knowledge to society.

The purpose of the Meeting of Universities is:

  • To promote cooperation between universities from different countries
  • To strengthen training around maritime and coastal issues
  • To strengthen research
  • Make research and knowledge accessible (through the IUCN geoportal, outreach and classrooms of the sea)

General topics to be addressed during the Meeting

  1. The value of international cooperation in the Alboran region and the global reach
  2. A platform for university students for cooperation and management of the Alboran area
  3. Priority knowledge topics to incorporate into management and decision making:
    • Adapting to climate change
    • ICZM and Maritime planning
    • Artisanal fishing

During the session, 3 ad hoc panels will be set up on these 3 topics, which must take the “Expected outcomes” into account.

Expected outcomes:

  • A plan for the creation of a Platform of researchers
  • A list of strengths and weaknesses for training and cooperation
  • Key players (professors, groups, Masters students, platforms) from the Identified Universities
  • A proposal for specific training and research actions

Technical committee:

  • Samir Grimes, National Marine Science and Coastal Management Institute. University of Algiers. Algeria
  • Enrique Salvo, Plant Biology. University of Málaga. Spain
  • Javier Cabello, University of Almería. Spain
  • Driss Nachite, University of Tétouan. Morocco
  • Juan J. Vergara, Coordinator of CeiMar. University of Cádiz, Spain

«We are searching for a common solution to the environmental problems of the Alboran Sea»

Andrés Alcántara - I FORO MAR DE ALBORÁN

Andrés Alcántara
(IUCN) Coordinator of the Meeting of Alboran Universities

With the support of

I Foro Mar de Alborán